Attending RWM, the UK’s leading recycling and waste management expo

September came around quickly and we headed to Birmingham NEC to take part in our first exhibition at the RWM and what an incredible experience it was!

Having been regular attendees at the UK’s leading recycling and waste management expo, we were excited to become a part of this fantastic event. We have always found this event a great way to learn more about the industry as a whole and to meet other people who are as passionate about the sector as we are.
Exhibiting gave us a great opportunity to meet lots of new people and share our expert knowledge in the waste sector. Our stand was in a great location and we felt the buzz of the expo all around us. Being such a busy event, we saw lots of visitors on our stand, some familiar faces and many new ones. We loved meeting everyone.
One of the highlights from this years expo was Emma’s seminar. “How a healthy workplace will make your business thrive” is a topical that is very close to our hearts here at Elleteq.

“I want to focus on how as an industry, we invest in maintaining our plant and equipment, but not our people” said director, Emma. “The seminar gave me a platform where I could raise awareness for an important subject. I was able to provide examples of how illness can occur and the effects on both physical and mental health.”
Emma discussed how the people in our industry are suffering from the most cases of stress, depression and anxiety, which was a fact highlighted in the HSE 2018 report. Being such a hot topic now, this ensured that lots of people came out to hear Emma talk and gave them an opportunity to listen to some of her fantastic ideas, and hopefully inspire people to start making some much-needed changes!

We want to thank those that have contacted us following the seminar with their feedback and have taken the first steps to improve the working conditions for their staff.

Elleteq are currently working to develop a training session that covers physical and mental health conditions and how to identify the signs and symptoms of some of the most common conditions our workforce face. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you are interested in how to create a happy, healthy workplace for everyone.
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