Taking the Stress Out of Passing Your Continuing Competence Test

“Fear”, “anxiety” and “dread” are words we’ve heard some candidates use to describe how they feel about sitting their CIWM(WAMITAB) continuing competence test. If you’re experiencing it for the first time it can be especially daunting and nerve-racking.
BUT don’t worry…
…because at Elleteq, we’ve worked with many candidates over the years and all our first-time candidates have had a 100% first time pass rate!

You can do everything you need on your own, and here is a link to a guide we prepared to help you, but if you want extra guidance and support to refresh your knowledge and build your confidence then we can help.

We offer one to one mentoring, usually over one session and close to your booked test, which includes:

 Coverage of both the generic knowledge and your own site-specific test area questions, so that you feel confident you’ve covered everything you need to kick start your own prep. 

 Real life examples to help cement the learning for you, so that it’s easier to pull the answers from your memory when you need them.

 A mock test to help you get a feel for what the test questions will be like so that you know what to expect on the day and are ready for success.

If you would like to find out more about mentoring, so that you can take the stress out of requalification, then email us at hello@elleteq.com

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