How We Got Here!

Six years ago, people thought we were a little bit crazy... and when we look back, we can understand why.

We were two women in a male dominated industry, which neither of us originally trained in, and we’d just bought an organic waste business that was in debt!

As it turned out, that crazy decision has been one of the best and most fulfilling ones we’ve made, because we discovered that we love waste!

In 2016, we rebranded that original company and Elleteq was born.

We’ve actually been actively involved in the waste and recycling industry since 2005, and we’ve become experts in organic waste disposal, with a deep knowledge and understanding of the marketplace.

Over that time, we’ve also built business alliances with waste management companies, independent operators, consultants and other environmental support services. This means we’ve come across most problems and we have the experience and network in place to solve them for you.

Sandra Hardy, Director

Emma Cheetham, Director

Our WAMITAB assessment and IOSH training courses also help our clients stay compliant, so that nothing trips them up along the way.

We work with clients on an ad-hoc or retained basis, and our key aim is to remove the immediate obstacles and associated pain and then to become a trusted advisor, there to support and guide you to the right result for your company.

We are passionate about two things…the waste industry and getting the job done for our clients.

So, if you want us to help you minimise your stress and maximise your success then come and have a chat about your issues to see how we can help you!

Sandra & Emma

Meet the team at Elleteq HQ!

Here at Elleteq Head Quarters, we’re a warm, friendly bunch with a total commitment to top-quality service.

Whatever your query, we’ll always be happy to draw on our extensive knowledge and experience in the waste sector, offering hands-on technical and compliance support to businesses large and small. Our courses cover WAMITAB assessment, IOSH training, mental health, and first aid – our role is to support you every step of the way.

We’re all about building long-term relationships with our lovely clients, and we are also passionate about the company being part of the community. We sponsor a local grass roots U14 football club and have just renewed out sponsorship of Swindon Wildcats Ice Hockey Team. 

So, now you know what we do, read on and find out more about who we are!
Emma Cheetham

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Emma Cheetham, Technical Director

Emma is responsible for the general operation of a variety of waste facilities. You can often find her out on site providing temporary cover, training staff, and helping to get admin in order. Many refer to her as the Mary Poppins of the waste world: she swoops in and sorts everything out, only leaving once her clients are perfectly positioned to manage an operation! Emma’s a social butterfly and loves to be at the heart of conversations in and out of the office.

When she’s not busy at work you’ll either find her charging up and down a football pitch with her team, Warminster Sky Blues, or watching a game – she loves football!

The 3 words that best describe Emma are… loyal, helpful, and positive.
Sandra Hardy

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Sandra Hardy, Company Director

As a company director, Sandra’s role is very diverse. It covers anything and everything that falls under the admin and HR banner, ensuring the smooth running of the business. She heads up Elleteq’s training centre, coordinating the assessment and training team and spends time liaising with training organisations such as WAMITAB and IOSH. Sandra spends a lot of time working on the business, and is always looking for ways to further optimise it, and ensuring its growth and success.

When she’s not at work, she enjoys spending time with her family, doing what she loves best… watching ice hockey and supporting her team, the Swindon Wildcats! She is an avid globetrotter with many boxes waiting to be ticked on her bucket list.

The 3 words that best describe Sandra are… particular, precise, and batty (according to her family).
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